Will California Support Unions?

By C.R. Mills Nearly every major politician in California recognizes the right of residents to organize in the workplace. From Gavin Newsom to Diane Feinstein, Jerry Brown to Nancy Pelosi, the path to power in our state runs through labor. Union members knock on doors and heavily fund campaigns for Democratic politicians to get elected; even centrist members of the party, while sometimes voting against the interests of unions, would never argue that workers shouldn’t have the right to organize. These same politicians now face a crucial decision: does their belief in the right of people to organize in the workplace extend to people’s right to organize in their homes as well? Continue reading

Thoughts on Medicare For All Canvassing

By C.R. Mills Last weekend, I spent a couple hours in front of the McKinley Library, talking to anyone who would listen about Medicare for All. Part of a “crowd canvass” organized by a former cancer patient called to action by her expensive medical bills, the event taught me a few surprising lessons. While I started the day skeptical of how much concrete impact such efforts really have on the political fight for universal healthcare, I ended the day understanding that when building a movement, concrete impacts sometimes take a back seat to connecting with people face-to-face. Continue reading

Racial Solidarity Committee Mission Statement

The mission of the Sacramento DSA Racial Solidarity committee is to fight systemic racism and build solidarity with and support for oppressed and marginalized people in the Sacramento Region through education, direct action, and mutual aid. We are committed to bringing an anti-racist lens to all work that Sacramento DSA engages with, and to provide tools for educating ourselves and our community on anti-racist work and theory. Continue reading

Op Ed: We Need a Democratic Socialist Mayor in 2020

In 2020, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg will be up for re-election. Steinberg's tenure as mayor has been one marked by anti-blackness, a disregard for the public, and neoliberal economics that continue to deepen our housing crisis. Steinberg was elected on a platform of helping the unhoused - but has since supported bans on street camping and panhandling. He has dismissed the picket lines of organized labor as “street theatrics.” He has constantly violated the Brown Act and has publicly disregarded the perspectives of black people who come to city council chambers demanding justice for black lives, even going so far as to cut them off in the middle of their public comments. Steinberg has also praised the private healthcare giant Centene and spoken favorably about the privatization of healthcare work at UC Davis. He has also come out against the rent control campaign in favor of neoliberal “means tested” measures, completely disregarding the economic reality that is Sacramento’s rent crisis.   Steinberg needs to go, but who can replace him? Who should run for Mayor of Sacramento in 2020? A democratic socialist, that's who.     Continue reading

Op Ed: Reorganization is Necessary for Sac DSA

By Annabel Vera DSA Sacramento is in need of a frank and truthful functional assessment. Despite swells of new members, membership renewal is minimal. Committee participation is at a constant ebb and flow. White men are increasingly over-represented. Despite being severely under-represented, people of color and women are doing a disproportionate amount of supportive and/or auxiliary work. Little serious business is conducted at our general membership meetings. At our worst, programmatic decisions are made by a disproportionately small number of people. It’s time to seriously consider a thoughtful review of DSA Sac’s core structures and bylaws. Continue reading

Statement on the Lack of Charges in the Stephon Clark Case

Sacramento DSA Executive Board Member Bryce Miller-Williams shares his thoughts on the District Attorney's decision to not bring charges against the police officers involved in the murder of Stephon Clark. Continue reading

Venezuela Solidarity Statement

The Democratic Socialists of America, Sacramento stands in solidarity with the working class people of Venezuela and wholeheartedly condemn the coup attempt being fostered by the United States government, its allies, and the Trump administration against the sovereign nation of Venezuela. Continue reading

Report from the Green New Deal / Let’s Own PG&E kickoff with East Bay DSA

The Green New Deal/Let’s Own PG&E campaign’s goal is to build a mass movement for a public and worker-owned  PG&E, to join it to the Green New Deal, ultimately creating public and worker-owned green energy as part of climate justice. YDSA UC Davis and Sacramento DSA are coming together to support Northern California DSA chapters from Chico, San Francisco, the East Bay, Fresno, and Silicon Valley; together with Diablo Rising Tide, Communities for a Better Environment and others. Continue reading

International Committee Mission Statement

At a recent meeting, the International Committee of the Sacramento DSA voted to ratify their new mission statement. The statement can be read below. If you are interested in the committee, learn more and join here.   Continue reading

Research Committee 2018 Voter Recommendations

Sacramento DSA Research committee has drafted this voter guide regarding specific candidates and statewide propositions.  The committee has only recommended endorsements on propositions that have demonstrated explicitly how they will effect the working class. For this reason the Sacramento DSA research committee has taken no official stance on Propositions 1-4 or Proposition 12 because the effects on the working class were not clearly laid out in the language of the propositions. CA State Senate 4 Phillip Kim Proposition 5 No Proposition 6 No Proposition 8 Yes Proposition 10 Yes Proposition 11 No Measure U No Consensus / Lean No   Continue reading